SMART INGREDIENTS started in 2017,  growing and exporting organic superfoods from several countries. The company comes from a family background that has more than 35 years in the agricultural and industrial business. It was founded by German Cuellar and Ramses Ortega, because they had a vision: to give their clients a more simple source of quality ingredients, a one stop solution for several ingredients that are sourced from multiple origins

We have a combined experience of 20 years supplying the US and European organic market, we started out with organic Chia from Bolivia and Nicaragua, but have evolved to source a wider range of grains.

SMART INGREDIENTS sources 24 different products from five different origins, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. Our focus is to offer our clients the same quality of products all year round, which can only be accomplished sourcing throughout the entire American continent.

In order to meet the growing demand of Super Food, we have expanded our products with these characteristics:

  • Sesame seed 
  • Chestnut or Almond (Brazilian Nuts)
  • Chestnut or Almond (Brazilian Nuts) oil
  • Moringa
  • Acaí
  • Pink Salt
  • Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Amaranth
  • Coffe
  • Hemp

And we are in the process of developing many more.

In the case of Chia, we own and control the whole production chain of chia seed, organic and conventional. We grow on our own fields, throughout the cleaning process, until we analyze our lots and we are sure of the our quality , and we are ready to sell; We can certify our quality and sustainability , and have the capability to close long term contracts.

To be close to our sources, we have offices and personnel in every origin, in order to make sure that the high quality they are used to getting, will be stable no matter the origin we need to offer in every particular moment of the year. We try to make sure that our operation is completely seamless to our clients.

To be close to our Markets, we have offices in the United States and Europe. Our Customer Service Team speaks the language of our clients and know their needs. We are a global company that feels like a local one . We know what our clients need and we strive to make sure they get it.

Why choose Smart Ingredients:

Some of the reasons why Smart Ingredients is your best choice are:

  • Traceability – We know exactly where our grains come from, from the field to the container.
  • Integrated Management System – Safety. We are certified : ISO 22000, ISO 9000, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GMP.
  • Certifications worldwide. ISO 22000, ISO 9000, Kosher, Halal, Organic..
  • Production line completely from the fields to export.
  • Volume Production. 2000-3000 Metric Tons of Chia per year.
  • Sub-Products: Chia Oil, Chia Flour, Ground Chia.
  • High product quality – analysis are made for each batch:
    • Microbiological
    • Purity
    • heavy metals
    • Pesticide Traces
  • Social Responsibility – We work and collaborate with the communities in and around our fields.
  • Smart Ingredients has its EU Novel Foods License to export chia seed to Europe.


Market high quality products under all international standards and certifications, providing excellent service that exceeds the expectations of customers and consumers.


To be leaders in the import and export of organic and non-organic products with a high added value that allows us to be recognized worldwide.


  • Positive attitude
  • Strategic Approach
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Proactive Vision
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Training of our human resources
  • Ethics and Discipline
  • Respect for the enviroment
  • Consequence with its principles

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